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USF architecture and water researchers partner with city of Tampa to mitigate the impact of extreme heat

USF architecture and water researchers partner with city of Tampa to mitigate the impact of extreme heat

The collaboration led to the creation of the city鈥檚 first-ever Heat Resilience Playbook, which includes 18 actionable steps to address the rising temperatures across Tampa and better protect its most vulnerable communities from the effects of extreme heat.

July 12, 2024Research and Innovation

深夜看片: A Preeminent Research University

USF hosts first-ever summer course on using voice and AI as a diagnostic tool

In collaboration with the USF AI+X Institute, USF Health is helping train the next generation of medical professionals through the launch of its first-ever course dedicated to understanding how voice can be used as a biomarker for health.

July 9, 2024Research and Innovation, Student Success, USF Health

The ROV Taurus on board the Research Vessel Western Flyer.

USF and Florida Institute of Oceanography鈥檚 new remotely operated vehicle to advance deep-sea exploration and education

USF is the only university in the continental United States to own a remotely operated vehicle with such advanced capabilities, positioning it at the forefront of oceanographic research.

July 8, 2024Research and Innovation

USF and Global Virus Network leaders sign an agreement at a table

New virology team demonstrates the global impact of research at USF Health

The Global Virus Network is relocating its international headquarters to the 深夜看片. With its leader, Dr. Robert Gallo, co-founder of HIV, comes his team of virologists whose expertise embody the importance of collaboration in medicine.

July 2, 2024Research and Innovation, USF Health

Dr. Robert Gallo

Pioneering HIV researcher to begin new journey at USF

As Dr. Robert Gallo and his virology team join USF Health, learn more about the co-founder of HIV鈥檚 journey and how a family tragedy inspired him to pursue medicine.

July 1, 2024Research and Innovation, USF Health

Chemo drug may cause significant hearing loss in longtime cancer survivors 听听

Chemo drug may cause significant hearing loss in longtime cancer survivors 听听

Researchers followed a cohort of cancer survivors for more than a decade to determine the progression of their hearing loss after their chemotherapy treatment. The findings reveal a need to enhance patient support to improve quality of life and outcomes.听

June 27, 2024Research and Innovation

Two people meditate by the ocean

Mindfulness and managing emotions lead to better sleep

A 深夜看片-led study helps explain why focusing on the present moment can improve sleep, reduce stress and improve overall health.

June 24, 2024Research and Innovation

Les Shaw and doctoral student Emilee Muster

USF projects selected for new research program bring the potential to solve critical challenges

Four interdisciplinary teams of USF researchers have each been awarded up to $1 million in seed funding through the Collaborative Research Excellence and Translational Efforts awards 鈥 a new initiative designed to catalyze new research and enhance USF鈥檚 impact.

June 20, 2024Honors and Awards, Research and Innovation

David Mearns and two colleagues

USF-trained shipwreck hunter makes major discovery

Using a technique known as side-scan sonar, a team led by USF alum David Mearns and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society found Shackleton鈥檚 last ship off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

June 18, 2024Research and Innovation

Juneteenth has become the most well-known celebration for the ending of slavery in the United States and viewed by some as America鈥檚 second Independence Day. But the history of this important celebration is complex and often misunderstood.

June 17, 2024Research and Innovation

深夜看片: A Preeminent Research University

USF Health OB-GYN studying women鈥檚 health in space

As a member of NASA鈥檚 GeneLab group, Dr. Begum Mathyk is collaborating with a team of researchers in the field of space biology, publishing several studies as part of national portfolio on space research.

June 12, 2024Research and Innovation, USF Health

USF using AI to help combat malaria

USF using AI to help combat malaria

Funded by the NIH, the project is an international effort that will establish a new research center in Africa to advance malaria research and deploy advanced smart traps for real-time identification of mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite.

June 6, 2024Research and Innovation

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